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About Our Nordictrack Line of Products


Nordictrack was founded by Edward Pauls in 1976 and began producing the first ones in his hometown of Chaska MN in 1977.  Nordictrack continued making the single model (the original Pro) through 1986 when CML bought the company.  However, Ed and his wife Flo stayed on as Chairman and Exec VP (respectively) until 1990, overseeing the expansion and production of the Pro and numerous additional models. 

These quality cardio-exercise machines continued being produced here in the US until 1997, when, after CML had overextended themselves and experienced financial troubles, they sold to ICON Fitness, the company the currently owns Nordictrack.  However the first thing ICON did was move production of the skiers to China, and the machine’s quality and workmanship became drastically cheaper and far less durable.

All of the wood/steel machines we refurbish are strictly of the ones produced here in the United States.  When we obtain a used Nordictrack, they are almost always still being used on a daily basis, which pays tribute to the machine’s design, quality materials used, and superior workmanship so that, after 25 to 30 years or more, they are still in good operating condition.

What we at One World Market do is take the machine and break it down completely to the last nut, bolt and screw.  We then inspect every moving part to ensure it’s condition meets the highest standard possible, remove any surface rust and polish to specs and replace any part that doesn’t meet that standard.

We then polish any chrome parts to look as it did new, repaint any metal parts that may need it as well as refinish the wood frame if required.  When reassembled, screws, nuts and bolts are replaced as needed and all the moving parts are relubricated.   The skis are then refinished, finishing them up with a coat of polyurethane for durability.  Finally, the machine is tested to ensure that it not only looks nearly new again, but that it does operate just as well as when first built, and if 1 of the many different types of monitors is included with the machine, it also is tested for functionality.

Finally, when a machine is to be shipped, it is collapsed down to minimal size, (with the skis, 55” x 15” x 14”) every piece is individually bubble wrapped , then everything is securely wrapped in plastic shrink wrap with cardboard placed between each piece to prevent any “rubbing” damage. Finally it is placed in a dbl-wall extra strength, reinforced cardboard box and shipped insured directly to your front door or location of your choosing.


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